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Introducing Princess Polly: a magical bundle that brought color back into my world. They say dogs are a man's best friend, and Polly proved just that. She arrived on June 25, 2022, bringing a wave of surprises and stealing my heart. However, we soon discovered that Polly had Hydrocephalus, a condition that posed a threat to her life. While disheartened by this news, I was determined to give Polly the best life possible. She was my baby now, and I would protect her at all costs.

Fast forward to today, Polly is now over a year old and shines brightly in my life. She is sassy, joyful, and a true princess in every way. Polly is my sunshine from dawn till dusk. Inspired by my exceptional furry companion, I created Princess Polly as a brand that celebrates the extraordinary bond between animals and humans. Our pets ground us, bring comfort in tough times, and enhance the good times even more. This brand is dedicated to pet lovers and their little furry friends.

Thank u Princess Polly for the awesome prize of x2 advent calenders. My dogs will be sharing and taking turns to get the treats. Zac enjoyed his cookie this morning.
Jane Bennett James

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